County Records

     The following are listings of records in our Archives. Please be advised that the date spans are mostly intermittent, and there may not be records for every year within a date span for a record series.  Very few, if any, of the actual records on this page have been digitally scanned; they may be viewed in person at our facility and/or scanned and emailed to patrons on demand. Some indexes and finding aids are linked on this page; others are in the process of being indexed and are noted as such. Please contact the Madison County Archives with questions about specific or other records.

     Some of our loose records were scanned and digitized by Janet Frey with Family Search in 2014 and are available for viewing at the following link. These are actual scans of original documents: Madison County, Tennessee Records on Family Search

Chancery Court

  • Hearing Dockets 1890-1892; 1924; 1929
  • Civil Action Files 1850s-?; these case records are being acquired and processed on an ongoing basis
  • City & County Delinquent Tax Ledger Book 1931-1991
  • Cost Bonds - Bond for Costs 1919-1968
  • Enrollment Book 1872-1874
  • Hearing Dockets 1890-1892; 1924; 1929
  • Minute Books and Indexes 1846-1981
  • Rule Dockets and Indexes 1852-1948
  • Miscellaneous Records and "Tax Bills" 1850s-1930s

 Circuit Court

  • Adjudication of Record of Birth 1944-1960
  • Adjudication of Record of Death 1954 (1)
  • Appeals Dockets 1853-1870; 1925-1974
  • Appearance and Bail Bond Records 1912; 1918-1927
  • Appearance Bond 1947-1959
  • Bar Dockets 1920-1929
  • Case Ledgers 1888-1948
  • Civil Action Files 1931-1994 - indexing in process
  • Civil Minute Books 1840-1999
  • Consolidated Delinquent Tax Suits (Civil) 1930s-1950s
  • Criminal Action Files 1849-1991 - indexing in process
  • Criminal Minute Books 1840-1997
  • Delinquent Tax Collection Reports 1944-1977
  • Dockets 1875-1976
  • Execution Dockets and Indexes 1822-1965
  • Financial Records - Case Ledgers 1870-1880
  • Grand Jury Dockets & Reports 1920-1958
  • Other Records 1828-1935
  • Rule Dockets and Indexes 1905-1975

Clerk & Master

  • Account of All Estates 1939-1954
  • Accounts of Insolvent Estates 1903-1939
  • Administrator's & Executor's Bonds 1894-1928
  • Administrator's & Executor's Inventories 1878-1974
  • Administrator's & Executor's Records 1894-1959
  • Administrator's & Executor's Settlements 1865-1949
  • Administrator's Bonds 1873-1987
  • Cash Journal 1898-1900 (Exhibit A in State of TN vs. J.D. Hunt, 1905)
  • Civil Action Files 1820s-1940s
  • Executor's Bonds 1868-1886
  • Guardian Bonds 1861-1985
  • Guardian Bonds Renewal Bonds 1861-1862
  • Guardian Files 1840s-1960s
  • Guardian Record 1927-1984
  • Guardian Reports 1865-1900
  • Guardians Docket 1860-1900
  • Guardian Settlements 1874-1950
  • Judges Minutes 1907-1956
  • Minutes of Insolvent Estates 1874-1949
  • Non-support Files 1937-1950
  • Probate Court loose records 1840s-1950s
  • Record of Wills 1825-1946

County Clerk

  • Aye and Nay Dockets - no dates
  • Audit Reports 1985-2007
  • Beer Permits and Beverage Bonds 1945-1989
  • Cemetery Company Reports 1961-1968
  • Charters of Incorporation Record 1904-1925
  • Constable and Magistrate Bonds 1872-1963
  • Contractor License Books 1977-1990
  • County Legislative Body Minutes books 1821-1907
  • County Legislative Body Minutes loose files 1825-1935
  • Drainage District Minutes 1923-1949
  • Election Records 1844-1908
  • Jury Service List 1858-1932
  • Marriage Files 1850-2008 - indexing in process
  • Merchant's Bonds & Oaths and Record of Merchant's Statements 1844-1933
  • Motor Vehicle Registrations 1905-1917, 1936  1  3
  • Notary Bonds and Record of Commissions Notaries Public 1860-1979
  • Official Bonds and Oaths,1844-1958
  • Personnel Policies 1860-1904
  • Privilege License Registers 1879-1927
  • Record of Births 1925-1929
  • Record of Births and Record of Deaths 1908-1939 (intermittent years)
  • Record of Deaths 1925-1929
  • Record of Judges' Warrants 1906-1973
  • Record of Marriage and Marriage Bonds and Oaths 1868-1934
  • Record of Powers of Attorney 1860-1904
  • Record of Road Orders 1828-1910; 1982-1989
  • Register of Dentists,1920-1952
  • Register of Nurses 1917-1953
  • Register of Optometrists 1907-1953
  • Register of Physicians 1889-1966
  • Register of Veterinarians 1905-1981
  • Remittances from State of Tennessee 1923-1934
  • Reports of County Officials, Institutions, Commissions and Committees 1836-1949 - indexing in process
  • Revenue Dockets 1860-1904
  • School Directors Oaths 1900-1934
  • Tax Lists 1860-1904
  • Tippler's Bonds & Oaths, Tippler's Licenses, and Tippler's Revenue Books 1871-1876
  • Warrants -Trustee to pay school districts 1874
  • Work House Commission Minutes 1896-1912

 County Court

County Trustee

  • Cash Journal 1920-1930
  • Delinquent Real Estate Tax Reports 1926-1964
  • Drainage Assessment and Tax Books 1915-1952
  • Poll Tax 1946, 1947, 1949
  • Surety Bonds 1942-1972
  • Tax Books 1822-1831; 1874-2008
  • Tax Books City of Three Way 2000-2008
  • Warrants and Warrants Register 1900-1953

General Sessions

  • Civil Docket Book 1941-1973
  • Criminal Docket Book 1941-1968
  • Misdemeanor Records 1921-1969 - indexing in process

County Mayor

  • Audit Reports & Committee Minutes
  • Bonds & Coupons
  • County Budgets
  • Relief Orders

Office of the Sheriff

  • Workhouse Minutes, Records 1910-1983
  • Penal Farm Prisoners Record 1917-1939

Register of Deeds

Civil War Records

     The Madison County Archives staff and volunteers have discovered records about the presence of the Civil War in Madison County within the bound volumes and loose files of the vast collection. Those that were lists have been transcribed (to the best of the staff's ability) and are linked here as Microsoft Excel files, and the original records have been scanned and saved as JPEG files. The originals had a variety of handwriting, spelling, and grammar issues, but the transcribed files have been as close to the actual as possible.  Click on underlined words for links to these records.

Civil War Travel

     During the occupation of Jackson and Madison County from June 1862 to June 1863, it was required for citizens traveling from one place to another through the occupied area to state their names, residence, destinations, and business or reasons for such travel. Many local citizens traveled to and from their homes on the same day and thus are listed more than once. Others are persons from out of the area (salesmen, soldiers, etc.) whose residences are also listed.  The travel records are located within a fragile, bound volume marked as Record, 1865-69, Madison Circuit Court and are on pages 142 to 247 (the remainder of the book included regular minutes and records of the Circuit Court). Civil War Travel Part 1 (pages 142-187) covers March-May 1863 and had three columns on one page (scanned as single images): Name, Residence, and Business. Civil War Travel Part 2 (pages 188-247) had 5-6 columns over two pages (scanned as single images): Name, Residence, Occupation, Destination, Business, and Remarks.

Prisoners of the Civil War

     In a volume of Guardian Reports, Madison County Court, there are three separate listings for prisoners captured during the period of 1862 to June 1863. Many are from northern military units.  Pages 64-71 are a List of Federal Prisoners confined in Military Prison - PDF scans of pages 64-65 / pages 66-67 / pages 68-69 / pages 70-71- with twelve column headings:  Name, Rank, Company/Regiment, Confined Date, By Whom, Room, Charges, Sentence, Released Date, By Whom, Book & Page, and Remarks.  Pages 294-299 are a list of Military Prisoners April-June 1863  - PDF scans of pages 294-295 / pages 296-297 / pages 298-299 - with eight column headings: Names, Offense, Confined by Whom, When, Residence, Released When, By Whom, and Remarks.  Pages 302-305 are a record of Prisoners of War Confined at LaGrange, Tenn. - PDF scans of pages 302-303 / pages 304-305 - with six column headings: Number, Name, Rank, Regiment, Company, Confined When, By Whom, Offense, Released When, By Whom, and Remarks; pages 306-307 have nine column headings:  Number, Name, Offense, Confined When, By Whom, Released When, By Whom, Disposition of Prisoners, and Remarks.

Claims for Losses

      Claims by local citizens for losses during the Civil War are individual four-page brochures, with most having the heading of "Rebel Account. Claim of (claimant's name) vs. The United States" for "Quartermaster Stores", "Commissary Supplies", or "For Damages". Information included claimant name, age, members of local committee who attested to knowing the claimant, date of claims, articles taken by the military unit (livestock, crops, bushels of corn, flour, pounds of beef, etc.), per unit value at time of loss, by whose order or authority items taken and when, certificate of civil or military officer of the United States, Clerk's Certificate, and the decision of the committee (approved or denied), with the signatures of the General Claim Commissioner and the Governor of the State of Tennessee. Most claims are dated in May and June 1868.  

 Miscellaneous files

     PDF images of other claims for losses, not on official forms and mostly handwritten, include value of pigs and horse lost due to war; stolen warrant for debt; appointment of patrols in the 16th District (pre-Civil War); request for men to work at construction of Fort Pillow; report of a gun committee; indigent families; and Lytle Newton petition for Confederate scrip.


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